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April 9 - 19 2015

Take Another Look

Carl Macek's Robotech Universe




***World Premiere of first look footage from Robotech Love Live Alive (2013)***

Robotech online creative and producer Steve Yun in attendance for Q&A

An intimate look at two vital components in the spread of anime in the west: Robotech, and producer Carl Macek.

Screenings: ***1 Screening Only***

1:00PM Saturday April 20th.

Short Summary

For fans of Robotech and for anime fans who are yet to understand the series’ place in anime history.
Featuring interviews with the cast and crew involved with the groundbreaking Robotech franchise that debuted in 1985. A collection of private photos and stories portray the herculean effort by Carl Macek and his crew to create a dynamic anime series that influenced an entire industry that is still going strong today.

Click here for more info on the Robotech universe!

Genre: Documentary Year: 2011 Country: USA Language: English Time: 80 minutes. OFLC: E (Group B) - No person under the age of 15 shall be admitted to the screening unless in the company of an adult.
Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer / Editor: Keith Maxwell


And, for the first time ever, Steve Yun is set to premiere footage from Robotech Love Live Alive!


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Evangelion Art Exhibition at the City Gallery

Have you been to the Arts Centre Gold Coast to see the Evangelion Anime Art Exhibition? It's only here for a limited time during the film festival, April 18-28, so please make sure you get there to see it before it leaves.

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